Who we are

Aventics is a globally active manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. The company is also a specialist supplier of drive and control solutions for the marine industry and commercial vehicles, as well as inverted tooth chains for production processes. The former subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth has been operating as a standalone company since the start of 2014.

Aventics offers its customers tailored, cross-industry system solutions and services based on decades of applied expertise. Aventics is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the area of industrial pneumatics. The company is a leading technology specialist for pneumatics, for example in the integration of electronics into pneumatics components. With pneumatics solutions for maritime applications and state-of-the-art ship automation systems, Aventics has successfully navigated the world’s oceans. The company’s drive and inverted tooth conveyor chains are used in numerous sectors and feature strongly in the glass and automobile industries.

Aventics has around 2,100 employees globally, with corporate headquarters in Laatzen, near Hanover (Germany). Aventics has production facilities in Laatzen (Germany), Gronau/Leine (Germany), Bonneville (France), Eger (Hungary), Lexington (USA) and Changzhou (China). In addition to its production sites, Aventics has an extensive sales network and is represented in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our values


Each new generation is based on the performance of its predecessors. Over AVENTICS’ history, comprehensive expertise and excellent customer relations have gradually grown into the NEXT GENERATION PNEUMATICS. Environmental and social aspects have always played an important role in our corporate culture, as demonstrated by our corporate values.

The internationally established phrase Environmental Social Governance illustrates that the value of a company is measured, in the same breath, by its approach to quality, the environment, social issues, and corporate management. We have always attached great importance to the fact that the quality of our products does not come at the expense of our and the next generations' environment – and we continue to vouch for this principle.


For us, quality means consistently meeting the expectations of our customers regarding us and our products. Our simple formula: error prevention – not detection. Because the quality of our products is the basis for our success.

We are certified according to ISO 16949: This standard developed by the automotive industry indicates improved system and process quality to detect and eliminate faults and risks in the production process as well as the supply chain, and to test the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures. The high demands made in the automotive industry, well above those of other industries, are reflected in all the production lines in our plants.

Customer satisfaction is proof of our quality

Applying international standards such as ISO 9001 at AVENTICS has resulted in low error rates and long service lives and made our products even more durable – and this has paid off for our customers. AVENTICS meets the highest demands in terms of functionality and material and has proved itself in practice millions of times worldwide, backed up by high customer satisfaction figures.

Quality at AVENTICS – error prevention, not detection
Quality assurance and management are characterized by
◾using methods such as DRBFM, FMEA, and problem solving
◾Poka-yoke for production processes and products
◾5S work structuring
◾Quick responses to customer queries
◾8D report
◾ISO 16949 and ISO 9001


Our corporate values are the guiding principles for our dealings with business partners, investors, employees – and society.

Cultural diversity

We commit ourselves to our regional and cultural heritage and we regard diversity as a gain and as the prerequisite for our continued worldwide success.

Future-oriented approach and result focus

For long-term company success, we are actively shaping changes in the market and in technology, and take on the competition with confidence.


Our collaboration is based on mutual fairness. We treat colleagues, employees, and external employees equally and consider their interests as important as our own. We treat them with appreciation. This manifests itself in mutual respect, courtesy, and friendliness.

Cultural diversity

We commit ourselves to our regional and cultural heritage and we regard diversity as a gain and as the prerequisite for our continued worldwide success.

Initiative and determination

We accept corporate responsibility, as if the company were our own, and our company is our heart and soul.

Reliability, credibility, and legality

Our decisions are characterized by reliability and credibility: we only make promises that we can keep. The customer is always our focus. Complying with regulations and laws is a given for us.

Openness and trust

We provide our employees, business partners, and owners with prompt, open, and truthful information. Trust and compliance with feedback rules characterize our collaboration. Openness also means being ready to adapt to new developments.


The responsible treatment of nature and the environment is deep-seated in our corporate values stated above – and is reflected in our day-to-day work. For AVENTICS, the sustainable use of resources means incorporating economic, environmental, and social potentials for value growth into our corporate strategy and fulfilling our social responsibility. For example, our CO2 goals are centrally prescribed and have been reliably met for decades in all our plants worldwide. We have developed strategies together with many customers to avoid unnecessary packaging material, and we package our components directly in our customers' storage crates.

Further ecological principles:

◾Compliance with REACH & RoHS directives
◾Waste prevention & recycling
◾Certified in accordance with ISO 14001

Mobility dedicated to ecology

Environment at AVENTICS – sustainable use of resources
Our headquarters in Laatzen provides three electric cars for our employees to use – even in their free time. For short journeys between departments on site, there are 20 company bicycles. Additionally, we consulted with the local public transportation company and our Laatzen plant is now directly accessible via public transportation – with a stop right on our doorstep.


Our greatest asset – the employees at AVENTICS
Our employees are our greatest asset. We ensure optimal working conditions, a pleasant working atmosphere, and interactive collaboration. Our goal is to create a long-term working relationship.

As a globally active company, we consider complying with work safety measures and ensuring healthy working conditions a matter of course. We consistently invest in the professional skills of our employees and continuously promote their development. Equality is self-evident for us: Both male and female junior and senior employees have the same opportunities. We also attach great importance to the reconcilability of family and work and support working parents in shaping their professional careers.

Our presence around the world