Who we are

Since 2005, Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables has been committed to making boating accessible to all, while offering innovative solutions that respond to the changing needs of all types of boaters, whether families, friends or solo sailors.

Our designs are not only unique, but also scalable and adaptable in the blink of an eye, with just a few simple movements, to meet the growing expectations of their captains.

Vacuum injection technology, both environmentally friendly and ingenious, keeps our boats ultra-light and easily transportable, so you can discover new horizons without depriving yourself.

Their automatic liquid ballast makes them easy to handle on land, at sea or on the river, giving them the remarkable balance of a true shallow-draft keelboat. Although our ranges offer small boats, their ergonomic cockpit allows you to have fun on board in spacious comfort and in complete safety.

Les Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables offers boats that are both high-performance and elegant. Inspired by traditional French boats, Patrick Besnié designs timeless nautical gems that have stood the test of time and generations.

You know the date of your vacation, but not the weather. With our boats, you don't have to worry about the slightest thing, so you can enjoy your holiday in all weathers, with all wind conditions, to your heart's content.
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Our values

Our sincerity is at the root of our approach. We are dedicated to listening to your needs and expectations.

We are committed to maintaining authentic relationships with the members of our community. This closeness between our team and our owners enables everyone to share memorable moments on boats that are fun, simple and safe.

The modularity of our products is a key feature, enabling optimal adaptation to your evolving needs. This flexibility ensures that every option, every accessory can be adjusted and customized to suit your desires, offering unique, made-to-measure navigation solutions.

Our production line, entirely located in France, is specifically equipped to meet the requirements of sustainable development applied to all our manufacturing. We seek to minimize our environmental impact at every stage of production, using sustainable materials.

Les Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables embodies an attentive, responsible and committed company, offering innovative and customizable products, in harmony with their community and with respect for the environment.