Who we are

ASANO METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., a stainless steel product manufacturer located in Sanjo, Niigata prefecture, Japan, that excels at planning and developing unique products, has a history spanning over 70 years. We earnestly listen to feedback from users at work sites and apply their comments to manufacture stainless steel pulley blocks, fishing gear, and ship equipment that are complete in every detail. Our products, which are highly specialized and come in a wide range of variations, are used and valued on oceans off Japan as well as off countries around the world.

We, ASANO Global Co., Ltd supplies "ASANO" fishing gear to customers who look for the best products for their operations.

Our values


The Difference Is in Our Quality.

At Asano Global, we work closely with customers from around the world to offer high-quality, high-added-value products and services.

Our attentive ear to customer feedback has helped make us a leader in the fishing industry, through the planning and development of a wide range of stainless steel products, each uniquely focused on solving customer needs.
At our heart is an insistence on questioning the status quo for existing products and services.
Driven by our mission, to continue offering our customers the finest options, we remain dedicated to the unending pursuit of improvement, always asking ourselves: how can we make our products and services even better?
At Asano Global, we look forward to delivering innovative new products to our customers worldwide, created through our specialized know-how and the proven technology we have developed over the years.