Alternatives Energies

Who we are

Integrator Expert of Propulsion-Eenrgy System for Professional Boats.

As a unique partner for each one of its customers, Alternatives Energies works in a dynamic of listening and close exchange with the shipowner, the architect and the shipyard. Benefiting from our independence and know-how excellence, we mastered the entire life cycle of ships, down to the smallest detail, having one main priority in mind : to ensure the sucess of your project.

Following the first 100% electric boat made in La Rochelle in 1998, Alternatives Energies became a pionner on the integration of zero-emissions or hybrid propulsion-energy systems for professional navigation, by sea of waterways.

Solar-electric propelled boats and sightseeing buses, multi-mission barges with hybrid technology, hydrogen range extender... After more than 20 years, Alternatives Energies innovates in designing clean and custom-made solutions for your passenger boats and working vessels.

Our sole ambition : to make of each project a unique achievement. From design to maintenance, Alternatives Energies proposes global and connected solutions, capable of adressing all of your demands on performance, and of tackling the challenge of reducing air polluting and noise emissions.

25 Ships in operation

Capable of transporting from 25 to 450 passengers

At a service speed of 6 to 20 knots

An average yearly utilization per boat of 2000 hours (up to 4000h for the most intensive ones)

More than 15 million passengers carried since 1998

1st zero-emission passenger boat in France

1st hydrogen passenger boat in France.

Our values