Alfastreet Yachts

Who we are

Iztok Pockaj is known as an experienced businessman, innovator, constructor and designer. He spent his lifetime building up his company and becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the world of gaming equipment.

Besides his initial passion for gaming machines, Iztok always enjoyed spending time on the sea. He loved his boats, which he used whenever he could, but given the fact that he had very little time to enjoy himself, he was always looking for that boat that could provide him with maximum comfort and ease of use.

Needless to say, his search ended up with no desired results and this triggered Iztok’s creative mind to take another challenge on himself – to build a boat that would truly offer a complete boating experience. The result of these efforts ended up with a new company, Alfastreet Yachts. Who knows if it was a coincidence or it was destiny that Iztok met three remarkable designers: Armin Koren and Paolo Dose from the company Venetian Design and the architect Andrea Agrusta from the naval engineering company Naval Heads. These great minds shared the same passion – boating. Having joined Iztok’s efforts with some top naval designers and architects, Alfastreet Yachts soon started producing its first boat.

Our values

Alfastreet Yachts prides itself upon boutique boat production of recognizable design, which is a mixture of traditional and modern elements with perfected innovative and useful solutions. Our wish is that our buyers would be able to enjoy using our boats carefree for a long period of time. Therefore we always listen their wishes and needs and enable them to really get a boat of their dreams! Last but not least, our relationship does not end when the boat is sold, as our technical support is always available to them.

Our presence around the world