single-component adhesive / teak deck



  • Composition:


  • Formulated for:

    teak deck


TDS ADHESION PROMOTER is a NEW product that is a transparent, low viscosity, single component
adhesion promoter that is D.O.T. nonhazardous. It is used to help improve the adhesion of our
SIS440 teak deck caulk to areas where it can be difficult to achieve a good bond such as butt joints,
painted surfaces such as a the cabin house, around deck fittings, and winches. The TDS Adhesion
Promoter can also be used in emergency situations where the moisture content of the wood is
suspected of being higher than recommended for caulking.
PACKAGING: 0.9 liter , Single component
COLOUR: Transparent
SPREADING RATE: 8 to 10 m2 per liter
SHELF LIFE & STORAGE: Stored in a dry, cool location, away from sunlight, sources of intense
heat, or freezing at temperatures between 5°C - 26°C in the provided cases, the Adhesion promoter
has a shelf life of eighteen /18 months from the date of production. Note! Product date code on
packaging is batch code and date of manufacture. Keep container tightly closed when not in use.
1.) Read and follow instructions printed on the packaging.
2.) Thoroughly vacuum off teak dust and clean surfaces with proper solvents before application.
3.) Should you not completely empty the packaging in which the Adhesion promoter was supplied,
make sure that you thoroughly clean the screw-on lid and tin before closing lid. Left residue
on the inside of the lid will make re-opening difficult or impossible.

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