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    for digital sensors, for ships, data, for boats


The GreenBee is intended to collect data from custom electronic devices via RS485 with Modbus interface and deliver the data over PROFIBUS to a standard PLC device.

The RS485 connection interface allows up to 16 devices to be connected to the board via the MODBUS protocol allowing reading some of their holding registers. The number of devices and the addresses of their parameters are configurable. After reading, the data is sent to a Profibus connected device over an established data transfer sequence.

The device also features:
- Additional RS485 communication interface which can be configured to work as MODBUS master or MODBUS slave
- CANbus which can be used to communicate with devices with custom supported protocols
- 3x analog inputs, interfaced to 16bit Sigma-Delta ADC. The inputs can be configured in differential or single ended voltage measuring mode or in current measuring mode
- Real Time Clock