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paddleboard paddleboard - JUNIOR


The "Junior Board" was especially built for the newcomers in the open age class. It's a very slight and agile board with very good running characteristics. So it's often used in international U-19 competetitions.

(recommended from ca 40 - 55 kg)

Please see this first hand review

Feedback Junior Board

THIEBAUT Noémie (Lifesaving Team Belgium)

52-54kg 1m61

Usual Board : FLORA (Wetiz)

Comfort :

The first thing I noticed was its width. It’s clearly narrower than the Flora, which makes it easier to carry. Its balance is really better too. When I take my Flora, I’m always fighting to keep its nose down while running. However, this doesn’t happen with the Junior, I was really surprised when I took it for the first time. I think this is because the Junior simply has been designed with light weight paddlers in mind. The Flora is a nice board, but for the next higher up weight class.

Another advantage of its size: the sides of the junior board are really close to my waist, keeping me in place on the board. But, incredibly, my shoulders are not stuck and I can move easier, I’m hold by the board but free. It also allows me to go deeper into the water that may improve my speed.