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dive fins dive fins - FTS-003


  • Intended use:



TS III: Here the blades can be compared with a hinted V. Only the last approx. 15 cm are straight.


to use socs would be recommended specially if you do have small feet.
The CC fins do already have a bit of a wetsuit support on top of the foot...
which covers the feet from getting blisters!

On the AS fins it would be good to use socs or at least a bit of a plastic
bag to cover the feet from getting blisters.

For a tight fit it might be good on both models to use socs!

TS: very hard and molded shoe part but also hard for smaller or larger feet!
Very asked Model. they do have a soft inlay to save the foot from blisters and to fit the foot even tighter!

TS classic new still has the shaped blade where the TS II and TS III do have a laminated blade.

TS bent… supports the kick specially on freestyle swimming through the 20 degree angle!

TS professional … in my opinion the very best economical fin with a 20 degree in the shoepart. This is the ultimate fin at the moment but also it needs a lot of preparation and training to adjust the style to this fin!

WW: hard shoe, the power of the kick does go straight into the blade.
But if someone has a high foot or a wide foot he won't be able to handle this fins very well!