lateral thruster joystick / boat



  • Applications:

    for lateral thrusters

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The YANMAR JC10 joystick system is suitable for 30-45 ft. motor yachts, express
cruisers and tenders equipped with YANMAR ZT370 Sterndrive.
With the JC10 Sterndrive Joystick System every boat owner can enjoy the easiest
way of maneuvering and docking. It enables the skipper to manage twin-engine
trains plus sterndrives and it will make docking even easier than parking your car.
How it works
The JC10 provides the easiest operation just by pressing the joystick gently in
the desired direction of movement. It automatically directs the speed of the two
engines and sterndrives to bring the bow round precisely where needed.
YANMAR JC10 joystick system is especially designed for use with YANMAR Marine
8LV sterndrive diesel engines & YANMAR ZT370 sterndrives.