multipurpose cordage / halyard / single braid / for racing sailboats



  • Type:

    multipurpose, halyard

  • Structure:

    single braid

  • Application domain:

    for racing sailboats, oceanographic

  • Core material:

    Vectran® core


Vectrus is a single-braid rope of 100% Vectran™ LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and is always treated with Yale’s Maxijacket coating to increase abrasion resistance and enhance the fibers' UV resistance. LCP is more tolerant of tighter bending radii in terminations than other high-modulus fibers.

Vectran LCP thrives at high loads and will sustain repeated loads more times than other high-strength, low-stretch fibers. LCP has no tendency to creep, making it a perfect solution for some critical applications where little or no dimensional tolerance is acceptable. In fact, Vectrus was one of the products selected to suspend the 40-ft.-diameter acrylic vessel filled with $225 million of heavy water at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory ( and has been in service over 10 years, without movement. The 620°F (325°C) melt point also allows this rope to be used in heat applications formerly left only to wire rope.