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    activated carbon filter


Air treatment system for sandblasting, sanding, painting, resin coating and / or other types of production processes involving the production of powders and C.O.V. The new patent, entitled "SYSTEM FOR AIR TREATMENT AT CLOSED CIRCUIT FOR SANDBLASTING, SMOOTHING, WELDING, PAINTING, RESINING AND OTHER USES WITHOUT ANY EMISSION OF CONTAMINANTS USES ALSO IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS" represents a system characterized by the fact of creating a completely closed circuit of the air flows thus avoiding any kind of emission into the atmosphere of contaminants. The system is equipped with a primary extraction system with dust and activated carbon filters and a ventilation system equipped with high efficiency filters for powders and activated carbon. The patented treatment system today is an ideal solution for all shipyards that can not comply with the requirements of current environmental standards. In particular, reference is made to those (very frequent) situations where it would be necessary to provide a chimney for emissions in urban environments or in the vicinity of buildings used for civil dwellings. The system can be made fixed or on wheels, it can be provided with a heating and / or conditioning system, it can be equipped with its own structure for the partitioning of the processing areas and have a series of checks on the quantities of contaminants present inside the circuit to guarantee healthiness in the workplace. The control panel will guarantee a completely automatic management of the flows that can be "on site" or "remotely" according to the type of processing or the size of the product on which the work is carried out, as well as the time required to replace the filters.