instructional sport catamaran / children's



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  • Length:

    3 m (9'10")


The MK3 (short for MicroKat 3meter) is a new and exciting catamaran designed specifically for kids and young sailors ranging from 45 to 150 lbs. Light yet durable, easy to rig and sail, the MK3 makes the perfect entry-level catamaran for junior sailors. Not designed to replace the traditional Sabot or Opti-pram, the new MK3 was designed to offer a new multihull discipline to help keep kids in a sailing program. Junior sailors will now be able to master both disciplines – dinghy sailing and multihull sailing.

“We had our first demo day in Florida with kids sailing Opti-prams and the MicroKat – The kids went crazy over the boat!” – Benjamin Parker – MK3 designer and builder – Whitecap Composites, Inc.

With the use of multihulls in the last two America’s Cups, and continuing in 2017, multihulls and catamarans are here to stay. Currently, junior sailors do not have a multihull option. The MK3 fills this need. Multi-Sail has designed a junior multihull sailing program that allows sailing clubs, yacht clubs and kids a way to get boats at an affordable price, and quickly.

“There has always been a need for a small catamaran designed just for kids – My youngest son is 10 years old and 60 lbs and can’t wait to jump out of his sabot to sail the MK3.” – Pete Melvin – America’s Cup yacht designer

The first MicroKat 3-meters hit the West Coast in June 2014. Multi-Sail is currently setting up demo days for clubs and kids.