ship panel PC / for yachts / for boats / built-in



  • Application domain:

    for ships, for yachts, for boats

  • Type:

    built-in, desktop, compact

  • Protection level:

    vibration-resistant, waterproof, rugged, IP66

  • Other characteristics:



In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable and durable technology is mission critical. Winmate's Marine series products feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing, going beyond military standard compliance, to ensure safety and performance. The newly designed Marine Panel PC, Display and EAC Box delivers connectivity, and the ability to control and power multiple devices at once, while meeting marine equipment standards IEC 60945, IEC 61174, and DNV 2.4 (international standard for maritime navigation and radio communications equipment and systems)

New True Flat Design – Sleek and edge to edge
Easy to maintain and clean. The Flat design provides a great protection and reduces the gap for possible accumulation of dust and liquid. True flat design also gives a slim and elegant appearance to the device.
Winmate’s line of new multi-touch marine display and panel PCs go beyond that of the standard industrial marine computers with elegant and edge-to-edge designs, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options.

The Winmate Marine Displays and Panel PCs are also adjustable to day, dusk or night mode to accommodate for any lighting situation. The CIE x, CIE y, CIE Lv are measured from 63 color tokens per mode (Day, Night, and Dusk), all of these color settings are calibrated at the Factory to achieves accurate color reproduction referred by IEC 61174. In the ECDIS-color calibrated model, these quick function keys allow instant brightness adjustment to any of the three modes.