acoustic sensor / for commercial fishing boats / trawl control
TCS 785



  • Measured value:


  • Application domain:

    for commercial fishing boats

  • Other characteristics:

    trawl control


Designed for Efficiency

More Information Means Increased Efficiency
Todays captains receive a wealth of information from WESMARs Trawl Catch Sonar. This information enables them to increase catching efficiency through shorter tows and reduced fuel consumption. Gear damage is also reduced by avoiding rough bottom and overfilling of the net.

WESMARs Trawl Catch Sonar
Our trawl sonar is a third wire system that combines forward looking and profiling in one headrope unit. Its split screen feature allows measurement of the net opening, profile of fishing circle, door spread and other gear geometry. Catch sensors continuously indicate the amount of fish in the codend. Sleds are availble in 300 and 180 kHz.