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recreational canoe / solo / Kevlar®
WEE LASSIE - 10'6'' 10' 6''



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Sports & Leisure / Wee Lassie - 10'6"
Our shorter, lighter Wee Lassie 10'6" draws from the easy paddling and enjoyable design of our original. Ideal fro tranquil paddles on the lakes and gentle rivers, this compact and lightweight Adirondack-style solo will deliver years of enjoyment. Weighing only 16lbs, this is out lightest canoe. But rest assured its Kevlar construction is robust and reliable for real life use. We outfitted it with a floor mounted seat and integrated seatback to maximize comfort and minimize weight. Paddled with a single or double blade, the Wee Lassie 10'6" is sure to please.

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