FlowRider® Wave-in-a-Box Single

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wavepool wavepool - FlowRider® Wave-in-a-Box Single


When does 1+1+1 = 1? When it applies to the FlowRider Wave-In-A-Box Single, then yes, our math is geared more towards the synergistic ability of three containers coming together to form one, self contained, incredible, endless wave.

The Wave-In-A-Box (WIAB) is a miracle of creative engineering that only the genius of Wave Loch can provide; a virtual turn key solution to your sheet wave dreams that can be moved from site to site, or that can become a permanent installation under the toughest site conditions.The WIAB Single is currently the only FlowRider in Aruba (as a permanent installation) and also acts as the FlowRider Mobile for the European community. With a compact design that incorporates electrical and filtration, the WIAB is a bit of a chameleon; permanent mainstay and/or vagabond warrior? But, that is its’ only identity crisis, because once it is put together and the ignition switch is thrown, it delivers the same high octane performance as the FlowRider Single (120hp at 90kW). With a reduced footprint of 6.1 meters x 13.4 meters, the WIAB Single is just the right size for your next event, or your next venue – the choice is yours.

The pedigree is apparent from the start. This is the worlds first, most famous sheet wave, the wave that is the envy of riders and the competition alike – that brings the thrill and adrenaline rush of riding a real ocean wave. Go find one now and be prepared to get stoked!!