radio buoy / high seas

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radio buoy / high seas radio buoy / high seas - W810


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    high seas


W810 is a radio beacon working through Iridium* satellite coverage to ensure signalling and remote localization of objects or substances abandoned in the sea.

By sending out a message at (programmable) time intervals, it is possible to determine, via an electronic messaging system, object location, time of detection, battery charge state and water surface temperature (providing the special option has been installed). Additionally, a flash light indicator (which can be activated continuously or via a message sent through Iridium*) enables drifting objects to be easily located also at night-time or under poor visibility conditions.

Any informations received from the W810 radio beacon are available through the Iridium* system or through our own messaging system which, upon the customer’s request, can also forward the received information by email, SMS or Inmarsat.*