rigid mechanical coupling / for ships / for shafts



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:

    for shafts


Torque range
from 27,50 kNm up to 142,00 kNm

Generator sets on rigidly mounted engines, positioning drives

The RATO DG+ coupling has been specially designed for rigidly mounted diesel and gas engines and electric motors where a medium level of torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity is required. By virtue of its construction, it is also ideally suited for positioning drives, since it is supported vertically when installed upright. Like all newly developed ACOTEC products, the RATO DG+ is characterized by enhanced performance with regard to the essential technical specifications. The proven design principle of the standard RATO DG has been optimized yet again, and in conjunction with the innovative compound, vulcanization and test technology, it has undergone advanced development to obtain the enhanced performance DG+ design. In addition, the RATO DG+ has yet another significant commercial benefit since small size coupling may be used for the same power requirements.


The high-performance elastomer allows the use of a smaller size, thus offering a commercial advantage
Protection of the connected generator against axial vibrations for a longer service life of the bearings.
Optimal heat dissipation ensures functionality and availability of the drive system even under the toughest conditions.
The element design guarantees backlash-free torque transmission. This results in an excellent transmission characteristic in reference to controller stability during the loading and unloading of the coupling.
Easier removal of the elastomer without displacement of the connected units.