cruising sailing yacht / open transom / carbon / 3-cabin



  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Materials:


  • Below-deck configuration:


  • Rigging:

    carbon mast

  • Other characteristics:

    twin steering wheels

  • Length:

    18.4 m (60'04")



The new Vismara 56 Mills is theendresult of the idea of open company Vismara.Followingthe great success of the Vismara Mills 62 ‘SuperNikka’, Mark Mills was employed again to helpdevelop abrandnew sailingyacht for an experienced owner, who was looking for a high quality blue water cruiser withtried &tested technological solutions, builtusingthe best composite materials, and ableto sail with lightness in typicalVismara style. This newproject also involved Lucio Micheletti who developed the modern, luxurious and extremely functionalinterior design.


The Vismara 56 Mills employs an innovative and harmonious hullstructure made of carbon fibreand epoxy sandwich, and then post-cured at a controlled temperature of 60° for a period of 24hrs. Internally, the yacht features ahigh quality mix of structural furniture and Burma teak to create a blue water cruiser optimised for sailing in the Mediterranean in thegreatest of comfort -a perfect integration of elements and Italian style. This is thesameway Vismara Marinehasin the last 30 years launchedall its technologically advanced fast cruising yachts, and has resulted in the a displacement forthis certification Oceanic A 17,00 myacht of just 14.000 kg.