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purchasing management software / for marinas



  • Type:

    purchasing management

  • Application domain:

    for marinas


All the amounts defined in the operating procedures converge in the accounting, providing immediate economic and financial control of activity.
NAVIS 3 manages the accounting up to the registration of various types of accounting documents such as invoices, credit notes, debit notes, payments etc. and the related financial transactions (payments) of both profit and loss cycle, keeping the payment schedule updated, where you can analyze the company's cash flow and other reports such as sales turnover and the daily cash-desk register.

There is also an integrated module for calculation of fees, related payments and accruals, and procedures for maximizing stock value.

You can enable the NAVIS Accounting Data Export module to transfer data, such as customer and supplier information, accounting documents and payments, to the most utilized accounting systems.

The interface now integrates with the following accounting software such as: SAP, Oracle Applications – Account Receivables / VM – VISual Manufacture / AD HOC – Zucchetti / Arca – Artel / Sigla –Sigla Center / Sistemi – Sigma / Gamma – Team System / Passpartout – Mexal / Business / Mago – Microarea / Euro 2000 / SAP / Microsoft NAVISion.