brush oil skimmer / sheltered waters

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brush oil skimmer / sheltered waters brush oil skimmer / sheltered waters - Mop


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    sheltered waters


Mop skimmers are designed to effectively remove surface hydro-carbons from an oil/water interface.

The versatile application of the Vikomop allows oil collection across the full surface of the area of use with the inclusion of hinge rollers to suit the specific application.

The mop size and length can easily be specified to best suit the area of use whilst also being simple to replace for periodic service and maintainence. Upon encountering, the oil sticks to the mop and is wound through a series of rollers to direct the recovered oil to the collection trough.

With interchangeable mops that are suited to the viscosity of the recovered product, the Vikomop is designed for both periodic and continual oil recovery over a wide range of products.

Due to the flexibility of the mops, the Vikomop skimmer allows oil recovery to products in areas previously deemed inaccessible for larger skimmer heads.