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inboard cabin cruiser / hard-top / wheelhouse / 8-person max.



  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:

    hard-top, wheelhouse

  • Number of places:

    8-person max.

  • Below-deck configuration:


  • Length:

    9.34 m (30'07")


Since its launch, the Viknes 930 has been making waves. Nominated for ‘European Powerboat of the Year’ in 2011, this model is living, sailing proof that our hand-crafted Scandinavian classics perform at the top of their class right across the continent.

The Viknes 930 offers the perfect balance between size and space, form and function, all underscored by 30 years of Viknes’ class-leading quality in motor yacht design and construction.

As with all Viknes models, versatility comes fitted as standard. The spacious on board accommodation and large aft deck make the 930 perfectly suited to lazy days on the water. Taking a longer trip? No problem; just flip the saloon seat and enjoy a social forward-facing seating area for you and your passengers, as the 930 powers easily through inland or offshore conditions. This is a 9-metre motor yacht with astonishing capabilities.

But don’t just take our word for it; explore the Viknes 930 further with these in-depth reviews from respected Norwegian boating magazines: