ship liferaft / offshore / USCG / davit-launched



  • Application domain:

    for ships

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  • Other characteristics:

    inflatable, self-righting


VIKING's Polar liferaft is specially designed and tested to withstand the harsh conditions typical of polar regions and can function at temperatures as low as -50oC. The float free function has also been tested at polar temperatures.

A Polar liferaft package typically consists of liferafts along with specially selected cradles, relays, cables and boxes suited for Polar conditions.

Approved according to IMO Polar guidelines and Russian winterization regulations. Certified by DNV, TC Canada, RMRS and USCG.­

VIKING Polar liferaft has the following patents: DK Patent No. 17671681 and CN Patent No. 101795934B

Key features:

Built-in silicone rubber heating mats inside the container prevent over-icing
Heated hydrostatic release unit
The exterior supply box can heat up to three containers simultaneously. Its built-in short circuit protection and power indicator provide total reliability
When the ambient temperature rises above approx. 5ºC, the heater automatically deactivates