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two-component coating / epoxy

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two-component coating / epoxy two-component coating / epoxy - UNIKOTE PRO


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Two-pack, high build paint with a dual purpose: protection and finish. This paint can be applied to any type of preesisting coating in good condition. It can be applied also without primer directly to gel coat. steel and light alloy both at low and high thickness. Ukikote PRO withstands atmosferic agents, immersion, abrasion, wear and has a high chemical resistance. This new formulation is resistant against carbamate formationwith limited tendency to blushing. Therefore it can be used also as a finish for professional boats, although it's glossines fades faster if compared to enamels. Unikote PRO is the ideal paint for all working boats owing to it's long protection, the possibility of application under less favorable climatic conditions as well as the practical advantage of using same product for hull, topsides, deck and interiors.