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inboard cabin cruiser / planing hull / open / sport



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:

    planing hull

  • Deck layout:


  • Intended use:

    sport, high-performance

  • Number of places:

    5-person max.

  • Below-deck configuration:


  • Length:

    8.2 m (26'10")


Velvette 27 NGT is a symbiosis of daring, speed and comfort. Special design of the bow, with tinted safety glass stretching across the ceiling of the cabin, adds swiftness to its appearance.The dash board and hull lines like in the sport cars of the 1960s emphasizes the adherence to NGT (Neo Grand Turismo) style.The top speed of the Velvette 27 NGT is up tp 120 km/h. Obtaining all the privileges of high-speed, you will also get maximum comfort.Nothing contradicts the universal use of this high-speed motorboat on daily basis. Presence of a galley, WC, two comfortrable berths and sun-tan mattress on the cockpit, makes it very convenient for spending time on the water. In the regular "classic" mode, the engine exhaust passes under the water through the propeller hub. In the "sport" mode of the boat, the staight pipe exhaust system is used, which provides a nice low sound as an exhaust of sport cars or choppers. Pleasant vibration and water discharge from the cooling system adds an incredible feeling of the boat coming to life.