self-inflating life jacket / 275 N / professional
SAL 06/M.M.I



  • Type:


  • Buoyancy:

    275 N

  • Other characteristics:



Safety device designed according to technical specifications customized for Italian Navy. Lifejacket composed by two separate chambers, double activator: one automatic and one manual. Equipped with Buddy System. Accessories included: automatic light and Cyalume. Set to contain heliograph, fluorescein and floating knife. Case made in NOMEX® III.

Lifejacket features (Code 02140/1/HX/AB):
■ Activation: AUTO. - MAN.
■ Size: adult
■ Weight: More than 40 kg
■ Chest size: 80/125 cm
■ Buoyancy: 275 N
■ Certification: CAP. MMI - CP GC; OTAN
■ Cover fabric: NOMEX® III
■ Chamber fabric: PA 420 PU COATED
■ Activator: UML-MK5 + MICROMANUAL
■ CO2 cylinder: 2x 30 g

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