signal converter / baud rate / NMEA / digital



  • Type:

    signal, baud rate

  • Input:

    NMEA, digital, Ethernet

  • Output:

    NMEA, RS-422

  • Application domain:

    for ships


The VL-BRC09-E converts the baud rate of NMEA telegrams to RS422 interface. Parallel the telegrams can also be given out to the ethernet interface with 10/100Mbit. Through Ethernet, the received messages are given out via the RS422 as NMEA messages. The module has been tested successfully according to IEC60945 and can be used in the bridge area of seagoing vessels. The receiving NMEA telegrams with an adjustable baud rate of 4800bps to 38400bps is possible to send these telegrams with a separately adjustable baud rate of 4800bps to 115200bps. In additional, the transmitted frequency of the last received telegram can be set.