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If you do not want depend on caprices of weather (storm, cold water in sea) and want to have water slide more efficient in operation and so stably yielding a profit, then purchase a slide with a pool.

All the slides manufactured by Vector are flexible and may be used both with pool and without it. And if you bought a slide without pool, then later you’ll be able to buy a pool. In this case the slide requires no adaptation.

Each pool model corresponds to the appropriate slide model.

Avaliable models with dimensions (meter):

Code #503A 3,3x1,2x0,6 LxWxH
Code #503B 4,3x1,2x0,6 LxWxH
Code #503C 5,7x1,2x0,8 LxWxH
Code #503D 6,7x1,2x0,8 LxWxH
Code #503E 7,7x1,2x0,8 LxWxH
Code #503F 8,7x1,2x0,8 LxWxH
Code #503G 9,7x1,2x0,8 LxWxH

Delivery set:

# Inflatable pool
# PVC case bag
# Repair kit
# Operation manual