inboard express cruiser / twin-engine / open / dual-console
50 Mk2



  • Motor type:


  • Number of engines:


  • Deck layout:

    open, dual-console

  • Intended use:


  • Style:

    yacht tender

  • Below-deck configuration:

    with cabin

  • Deck features:


  • Length:

    14.95 m (49'00")


Blaze your trail
If glamour and hedonism are your game, if you like impressing friends and bystanders alike, if you’re happiest living on the edge and tackling the waves with the wind in your face, the VQ50 Mk2 is for you.
The engineering, the power, the design – this robust boat takes previous Vanquish success stories to the next level. A sturdy, upgraded version of the legendary VQ48, the VQ50 Mk2 keeps the original’s hardy aluminium welding and cabrio feel while blazing a trail all of her own. And so will you at the helm…
The VQ50 Mk2 is a hard-hitting muscle machine, with lightning-fast acceleration and fantastic manoeuvrability: it looks stunning while effortlessly turning on a penny at pace. The standard speed tops 40 knots and for a mind-blowing 50+ knots you can go all out with a Veloce version.
Class act
Comfort is front and centre on this new design: the VQ50 Mk2 will be ground zero of your mix-and-mingle needs, keeping you and up to 19 guests safe and dry despite its savage speed. 3D-designed cushions invite relaxation with their vibrant lines and neat feel. An eight-person U-shaped seating area takes pride of place, while a settee flanking the helm makes sure you’ll never cruise the turquoise waters alone.
The onboard configuration merges materials fit for a king with high-flying design and a sleek yet dynamic walnut interior. A well-equipped galley includes a BBQ grill ideal for T-bone steaks, rib eyes and other juicy chunks of meat. And all your guests will enjoy the tunes booming out from the handsomely integrated aluminium speakers.
Other highlights include the classy disguise of the lateral air ducts behind aluminium plates