ship fitting sandwich panel / for fire protection / balsa / wood



  • Applications:

    for ship fittings, for fire protection

  • Core:


  • Facing:


  • Other characteristics:

    for yachts, refractory


While many fire resistant yacht building products are effective, they are also quite heavy. Van Styn has found an elegant solution to this problem: SANDWICH PANEL FIRE LIGHT, which combines lightweight materials with effective fire resistance.
This product is made of impregnated balsa wood of approx. 120 kg/m3 and RECORE® M with a specific gravity of 210 kg/m3. The final product is 42 mm thick and weighs approx. 10 kg/m2. SANDWICH PANEL FIRE LIGHT is easy to work with and to screw on and offers effective fire resistance properties, comparable to a B30 classification.
We stock the panels in standard dimensions of 244 cm x 122 cm. Alternatively, they can be custom cut.

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