food waste treatment system / for ships / vacuum



  • Use:

    food waste

  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Other characteristics:



Designed for demanding marine and offshore conditions
Improves the level of hygiene and air quality onboard
Suitable from up to two/twelve simultaneous users
Automatic self-cleaning filters
No cabling needed to sockets (UCVC-190)
Can be used in galley area
Easy to install and maintain, safe to use
The Uson Central Vacuum Cleaning System functions through one vacuum generator unit with an integrated cyclone and filter with 99.89% DOP separation.

The systems are dimensioned for up to three users and up to twelve users at the same time and start automatically when the hose is plugged into the wall-mounted hose socket.

The filter cyclone can handle most normal waste sucked into the system, even small amounts of water. For use in the galley, an extra pre-separator can be installed.

The cleaner has a self-cleaning filter system for easy operation and maintenance.

The pipe system is constructed like a tree. The pipe from the central unit generally goes up through an installation duct and from there "spreads" to the rest of the ship. The pipes are then drawn horizontally inside collision zones.

The design of the piping is important to maintain optimal functionality of the system. Uson Marine can assist you with directions.

A Central Vacuum Cleaning System from Uson Marine complies with SOLAS safety regulations.