anti-friction adhesive film / high-performance / for boats / for sailboats
Xtrem Skin



  • Options:

    anti-friction, high-performance

  • Application domain:

    for boats, for sailboats


From the first sailors who followed the trade routes in times past to the competitors of today who set new records, the history of the sea has been closely linked to speed, which is constantly evolving and being enhanced. To offer high-tech solutions alongside the use of paint to increase glide, Uniflow engineers have explored other possibilities, by combining the best innovations in materials and structures with their origins either in modern chemistry or in biomimetism. Uniflow is now offering a newly patented product with exceptional performance for increasing glide through water: Xtrem Skin

Xtrem Skin is a durable, three-layer, adhesive polymer film with a special fluoride polymer upper coating. This upper layer, which shows little sensitivity to Van der Waals' forces, gives the film exceptional anti-drag properties that greatly reduce frictional resistance. Part of the fluoride polymers family, the upper coating is the first factor contributing to better gliding. The second positive factor is the use an adhesive film rather than paint. The film is light and more stable than paint, preserves intact the key active ingredient of the fluoride polymer, in its smoothest configuration, across its entire surface.