underwater boat light / through-hull / for steel hulls / for aluminum hulls
UL Ti MATE 75 - Fixed



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Mounting:


  • Hull material:

    for steel hulls, for aluminum hulls


The UL Ti MATE 75 Fixed is a through-hull submersible marine light for welding into alu-minium and steel hulls. Maintenance of the light is carried out from inside the hull.

It does not include the SA ’Super Adjustable’ unit and has been introduced to compete fairly with other fixed lights on the market. The lens aper-ture is exactly the same as the SA to give the same maximum light output.

This new light is also shorter in length to the SA unit so that it is easier to fit into those small areas.

We advise that the light be installed minimum 250mm below the waterline when the yacht is loaded with 50% fuel and 50% water, and that the light be angled 15 degrees downwards. To achieve this there are 3 models-
Flush, 30 degree and 50 degree.

The stainless steel model comes as standard with Ice Class Lloyds Approval and has been pres-surised to 80 bar. The aluminium model is IPX8 to 10 bar. The range is also GL Approved.