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UMT International’s tow brackets are exquisitely crafted from 316L stainless steel and custom made to order. UMT fabricates tow brackets to the exact specifications of the vessel and they are thru-bolted with backing plates.

Like all UMT products, tow brackets are custom crafted to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Resilient, durable and aesthetically designed, they perform under the most demanding marine conditions.

Tow posts are the ideal solution for reliable marine transport and a wide variety of similar applications. Most importantly, UMT International once again excels with tow posts for a wide variety of uses.

Tow posts are manufactured from 316L type stainless steel or aluminum. Tow posts are fabricated for heavy duty use and are custom manufactured to exact customer specifications. Tow posts are critically functional while adhering to very high standards of manufacturing and craftsmanship. Mindful of aesthetics, UMT tow posts are an enhancement however they are used.