boat transom gate

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boat transom gate boat transom gate


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    for boats


Gates represent more than safety. Within a marine environment, gates offer function, form and they make an aesthetic statement that significantly adds to your marine experience. As is the case with all of our marine products, UMT International offers an exceptional product line of gates that serves a wide variety of boating and marine applications.

UMT International manufactures a diverse line of gates. Our gates are stylistic and made of marine grade aluminum and 316L stainless steel. UMT excels with a vast array of customized uses for gates. If you have an area that needs a gate, a gate that requires adjustments or repairs, or if you have a gate that needs to be duplicated, we can help. UMT International will custom fabricate and manufacture a gate to your exact specifications. We will also fabricate custom stainless steel and aluminum hinges to meet your needs.

UMT International provides gates to the industry in a very meaningful way. It’s more than just product supply to us. It’s providing a gate that exceeds your expectations for safety and beauty.