mooring line snubber / for boats
Snubber ONE™ Navy Blue

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mooring line snubber / for boats mooring line snubber / for boats - Snubber ONE™ Navy Blue


  • Type:

    for mooring lines

  • Applications:

    for boats


Invented by enthusiasts, designed by experts, the SnubberOne is the first mooring snubber that can be attached to a rope - any rope - in 4 seconds flat. It comes in every possible color, so you can match it to your boat, rope or canopy.

SnubberOne can be tied to a rope without loose ends, just attach it after your have moored. In the perfect place.
Attaching does not require difficult opening of the snubber, looping through difficult holes.
Everything in one piece. No loose clips, loops or clamps that you can lose or break.
SnubberOne is made of carefully chasen and engineered materials, ensuring the stretch begins immediately, providing for the best cushioning and damping on the market today.
Rope elements carefully hand made.
SnubberOne is rope-agnostic, fits almost any rope size and type.
Due to ease of attachment, changing the SnubberOne's position on the rope is done in seconds.
Due to ease of use the SnubberOne can be used with your anchor rope or towing line - your imagination is the only limit.
Esthetically pleasing and available in any color your need - to match you sail, rope or canopy.
Due to high quality material, Snubber One does not colour the mooring line.

- Polyurethane body
- 10mm nailon rope
- UV protected
- length 66 cm
- tested to 690 kN
- ideal for 4-12 T sail- and motorboat