shipyard blower / for large air volumes / axial
TTV 7000

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shipyard blower / for large air volumes / axial shipyard blower / for large air volumes / axial - TTV 7000


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    for large air volumes

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High air exchange rates even in large-volume rooms: With the high-performance fan TTV 7000

This high-performance fan is the first choice for all ventilation tasks in production or storage facilities or farms where large air volumes must be circulated.

Because with its air flow rate which can be shifted up in three levels to 8,500 m³/h and an impressive discharge distance of 65 metres in interior spaces, the TTV 7000 ensures high air exchange rates even in large-volume surroundings. Perfect prerequisites for instance for the auxiliary dry air circulation in warehouses.

With the matching hose adapter and several connected fan hoses the TTV 7000 conveys these large amounts of air over very long distances without difficulty.

And since this robust high-performance fan was especially designed with a high service life and reliability for the toughest practical requirements in harsh surroundings, even for the stresses and strains resulting from continuous operation in frequently changing locations, it is not only optimally suited for use in manufacturing and building industry or crafts, but also the perfect solution for every machine rental company!

TTV 7000 Industrial Floor Fan
During large-scale building drying operations, dryers should be used in combination with a fan, for example the TTV 7000, which can considerably enhance drying performance. The hose adapter is optionally available as an accessory and allows you to connect a 560mm hose for ventilation or extraction.