harbor fender / pier / panel / slip



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    for harbors

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Utilizing removable sliding panels, the patented ‘Slide In, Slide Out’ (SISO) fender system has been designed to significantly reduce the time and effort taken to complete a fender wear pad change-out.

Unlike traditional fender frame systems where ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) wear pads are fixed directly to a fixed frontal frame via a bolt fastening arrangement, the UHMWPE wear pads are bolted onto two stainless steel removable panels. These panels are then inserted into a guide rail on the front face of the fixed frontal frame. The sliding panels can then be easily lifted out of the frontal frame and replacements reinserted within two hours – reducing downtime on the berth and keeping operations running punctually.

The original panels can then be transported onshore for maintenance and have their wear pads replaced, ready to be used as spares for the next fender wear pad change-out operation. The system also reduces the safety risks and downtime associated with completing a pad replacement work from either a workboat or when using a maintenance scaffold system.