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Transas’ primary vessel traffic management solution - Navi-Harbour, is a state-of-the-art system designed to ensure maritime safety and navigation efficiency, as well as to protect the marine environment and adjacent shore areas from the possible adverse effects of marine traffic.
Navi-Harbour is the solution of choice for large-scale and high-density ports, and when it is necessary to integrate several existing Navi-MonitorVTMS sites.
One of the Navi-Harbour’s advanced features is 3D VTS, a full-scale 3-dimensional view of the navigational situation in the VTS area. Based on real-time VTMS data, this invaluable tool enables the VTS operator to observe the navigation situation from a variety of different perspectives.

Radar, AIS, CCTV, RDF, Meteo-Hydro sensors support and control;
Multi-radar tracking integration;
Multi-sensor (Radar and AIS) tracking integration;
Multi-AIS data filtering and integration;
Manual or automatic target acquisition and drop;
Manual or automatic target identification;
Radar video presentation;
AIS dynamic and static data presentation;
Transmission and reception of AIS text telegrams;
Target simulation (creation, modification, tracking);
Route management;
Target pairs mutual calculations/operations (target pairs table, target pairs operations);
Target maneuver prediction (radar tracking in “shadow areas”);
Sophisticated zone configuration – e.g. traffic, guard, auto-acquisition, jurisdiction, etc.;
Comprehensive configurable Alarm Management, including Navigation and Sensor Alarms;
Recording and Playback;
Extensive chart functionality, including chart editing and S-57 support.

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