wastewater treatment station / for boats / for yachts / for floating houses



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    for boats, for yachts, for floating houses

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Our fully biological mini wastewater treatment plant for sailing and motor yachts, houseboats and large living and expedition mobiles uses natural digestive processes of microorganisms
for the treatment of sewage polluted wastewater. For this purpose, the tract of mammals have been modelled as a centrepiece of our bioreactor - the use of natural processes
for industrial processes, known as Bionic, is a new technology to make them more simple and effective.

Enteron is a fully automated multi-chamber water treatment plant, which combines the
advantages of the activated sludge process with the use of effective microorganisms.
These organisms form a bacterial film on a special hose, which provides an increased
surface area for the biofilm. The system works like a bowel - the long hose with a
corresponding surface and grown bacteria film draws especially the carbon from the
wastewater. For this purpose, the bacteria is supplied oxygen from the outside air via a
compressed air pump so that the minimum oxygen content of the liquid in the reactor for
the survival of the culture is secured.