container spreader / semi-automatic
HCL series



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    for containers

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Container spreader Timars HCL

Timars HCL is a solid rectangular shaped frame container spreader for handling ISO certified containers. The spreaders design manages extremely rough conditions.
Timars HCL is available in semi-automatic and also two handles for manual operation. Its operates on the "gravity and lift" principle which means that the locking and unlocking of twistlocks is made by lowering and lifting of the spreader. The spreader is available in different sizes, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft. The lifting capacities are from S.W.L 35 tonnes to 40 tonnes.

The spreader is also equipped with robust guide arms. To handle overheight flats, the spreader is also equipped with lower lifting eyes with same capacity as the spreader.

The main sling consist of 2pcs 2-part wire sling for attaching to crane hook. Chain sling is optional.
The pure mechanical locking system is very easy to overlook and the downtime for maintenance and service is very low.
All spreaders are of course CE-labelled and quality tested and test loaded.
Timars HCL spreader can also be equipped with Timars Gravity Centrelizer for safe handling of unevenly loaded containers.