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boat transceiver / for ships / Thuraya



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    for ships, for boats

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Standard IP down/up: 444/404 kbps
Streaming IP up/down: 16kbps, 32kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps; 256kbps or 384kbps (Asymmetric)
Simultaneous voice and data via built-in VoIP ATA: Yes
Circuit Switch Voice (Optional handset): Yes
Weight [deck mounting]: 3.1 kg
Height [deck mounting]: 277 mm


Optimal data speeds
Thuraya Atlas IP+ offers the best data speeds for an L-band maritime terminal of its size, enabling even smaller ships to have broadband connectivity while maximizing their above and below deck space usage.

Flexible voice calls
Through its RJ11 port, the terminal’s BDU can be connected to any standard analog phone – including cordless models. This allows for simultaneous voice and data sessions. The voice calls run via the Thuraya VOIP services, lending a cost-effective service option.

Enhanced firewall capabilities
The built-in firewall in Atlas IP+ is easy to set up and goes beyond lending security to broadband communications by enabling ship owners or captains to control data traffic. The firewall allows load-intensive pages, such as video streaming or conferencing sites, as well as other undesirable domains to be blocked, ensuring that the available bandwidth is used efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tracking and reporting
The terminal comes with SMS tracking, position reporting and geo-fencing features, which can be integrated into a fleet management system to track the real-time location of vessels. Geo-fencing further allows automatic alerts to be sent to at-shore crew, who can then prepare for the arrival of an approaching vessel. This function can be set to send IP- or SMS based alerts for entering or leaving predetermined zones.