fishing ship winch / trawl / hydraulic drive / with spooling device



  • Application domain:

    for fishing ships

  • Use:


  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive

  • Technology:

    with spooling device


Thanks to the huge experience in winch technology combined with the experiences of fisherman.The brand Ridderinkhof became in the 70’s the leading winch manufacturer in the North Sea twin beam trawler fleet industry. The success of that time reflects the quality of today, after 30-35 years of operating 24 hours/day and 6 days a week most of the winches are still running without require major service running smooth and silent as always.

THR Marine is continuing with these winches on the market. Our beam trawler winches are more or less standardized in power, drum capacities and more, but due to the fact that fishermen have own ideas the number of drums and the configuration per winch may vary per ship owner / ship designer.