ships exhaust pipe rigid insulation / acoustic / thermal



  • Options:

    acoustic, thermal, for ship exhaust pipes


Tmax-Insulation Housings for exhaust systems

Our multi-modular Tmax-Insulation housings for exhaust systems are installed by almost all leading marine engine manufacturers. The highly stable construction and extremely simple installation and deinstallation of our solutions are convincing arguments for engine manufacturers and users alike. In addition to ensuring SOLAS-compliance as a consequence of outstanding thermal insulation values, they are also effective for suppressing noise.

Features = Benefits:

100 % SOLAS-compliant = Increased and effective fire prevention and protection

Rugged and durable modular system = Increased machine reliability/high durability

Easy assembly and disassembly of parts, using fixing points on the engine= ease of Maintenance

Retrofitting option

Effective protection for temperature sensitive components