turbo-compressor rigid insulation / acoustic / thermal / SOLAS



  • Options:

    acoustic, thermal, SOLAS, for turbo-compressors


Tmax-Insulation Claddings for the Turbocharger

Turbochargers generate high temperatures, create noise and strong vibrations. They are generally installed close to fuel feed lines. So fuel line leakage can be a serious fire hazard. The turbocharger housings from are designed as modular, easily installable Tmax-Insulated housings. Their extremely stable construction ensures not only ease of maintenance, but also the long life of the insulation.

Features = Benefits:

100 % SOLAS-compliant = Increased and effective fire prevention and protection

Rugged and durable modular system = Increased machine reliability/high durability

Easy assembly and disassembly of parts, using fixing points on the engine= ease of Maintenance

Retrofitting option

Effective protection for temperature sensitive components