towing cordage / mooring / single braid / for ships



  • Type:

    towing, mooring

  • Structure:

    single braid

  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Core material:

    HMPE polyethylene core, polyethylene core



Endura 12 utilizes the latest ultra high molecular weight polyethelene fiber in a 12-strand construction. This high tech fiber and construction provides an extremely high strength, light weight rope that is non-rotational and easily spliced. Endura 12 is ideally suited for wire replacement applications where size, strength and stretch are the main design considerations.

APPLICATIONS: Replacement for steel cable, Mooring Lines, Winch lines, Helicopter lifting lines, Underground pulling lines, Slings, Tug boat tow lines, Face and Wing Wires.

COATINGS: All HMPE fiber ropes come with TEUFELBERGER's proprietary abrasion resistant coating that is specially fomulated to yield higher strength, more durable, and more water-resistant lines. Coatings are available in the following colors: White (Clear), Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, and Green.