harbor fender / pier / cylindrical / inflatable
TPF series



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    for harbors

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TEKMARINE TPF series pneumatic fenders are produced and tested in accordance
with ISOI 7357:2002 standards which ensures quality and reliability giving peace of
mind to its users.
TPF pneumatic fender are suitable for both semi-permanent and permanent port
applications as well as ship-to-ship transfers as its easy to deploy and maintains
large clearance between vessel and the port or between two vessels, it can be
shipped and stored deflated hence very easy and economical to transport.
TEKMARINE pneumatic fender body construction consists of thick outer rubber layer,
which has high tensile and tear strength to withstand weather condition and severe
usage, synthetic-tyre-cord layer reinforcement at ideal angles to hold interna
pressure and distribute stress evenly, and inner rubber layer seals air inside using
specially formulated polymer compound to make TEKMARINE pneumatic fende
trouble free and extremely reliable.
TEKMARINE pneumatic fenders used for ship to ship operation are often fitted with a
chain tire net for additional protection. Please download our brochure for detailed understanding. TEKMARINE is equipped with an extensive selection of pneumatic
fenders in a range of sizes with high pressure and standard versions in black or grey color.
Key features:
- Excellent performance in rough weather and high tidal ranges
- Fast and easy to install
- Uses minimal storage space
- Easy to move between sites
- ideal for naval applications
- Popular choice for ship-to-ship operations