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    for harbors

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TEKMARINE's TJCO cone fender is one of the most high efficiency geometry
amongst ail molded fender available in the market, that have a higher energy
absorption capacity due to their shape and it extremely stable even at greater
compression angles.
Some of the most prevalent application for TJCO cone fenders are at off-shore
open berths, container terminais, oil wharfs and other large docks as it resist high"
shear forces and can handle large panel weights and have the highest energy to
reaction ratios. The TJCO cone fender works just as well mounted in reverse (with its
smaller face against the quay wall) so designers can make use of the TJCO coneï
fender on narrow harbor structures where the footprint area is limited.
Our customized fenders are armed for the overload stops and to prevent hydraulic"
locking. Please ask TEKMARINE for ail your specific requirements.
Key features:
-Excellent ratio of energy absorption to reaction force (E/R)
-Very high energy absorption per fender weight
-Shape remains stable against shear and high panel weights
-Optional overload stop protects against high deflections
-Systems can have hydraulic locking “designed out"
-Sizes range from 300mm to 2000mm (T to 6’ 7")
-Wide range of rubber compounds

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