battery charger / marine

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battery charger / marine battery charger / marine - OMNICHARGE 24-20/30


  • Type:


  • Application domain:


  • Amperage:

    20 A, 30 A, 40 A, 60 A

  • Voltage:

    14 V, 28 V


TBS Electronics has developed programmable battery chargers that take battery charging technology to new heights. The Omnicharge programmable battery chargers are equipped with the latest power conversion techniques to set new reliability and efficiency standards.

Features of the Omnicharge programmable battery chargers

TBS Electronics is a widely experienced partner in electronics design and always looking for improvements in their current product line up. Moreover, TBS aims at perfection in every aspect of product design. We are realizing this by doing extensive research and development in multiple areas that are relevant for designing a solid product. Since the manufacturing division is under the same roof as the R&D division, all knowledge can be implemented very efficiently.

The Omnicharge programmable battery charger is a good example of the craftsmanship of TBS Electronics. The Omnicharge 20A up to 60A models combine new power conversion techniques and the best available parts with years of power electronics design expertise. The Omnicharge battery chargers are developed to perform without problems in the most demanding environments. A unique active rectifier output stage ensures unmatched efficiency figures. Combined with active PFC, the Omnicharge battery chargers are very energy efficient. This will reduce running costs and guarantees a maximum charge current per AC Watt.

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